Tutorial | How to integrate Opti Engage to your programmatic ad stack

The following steps will guide you on how to integrate Opti Engage into your ad stack like any other Prebid demand source.

Opti Engage is a standard Prebid adapter aggregating demand from top-tier partners, helping you best monetize your audience. 

Step 1. Setup your account

Before integrating Opti Engage, you need to set up your account. Please contact us at prebid@optidigital.com to get started. Note that there are requirements in terms of traffic geography and volume, and we will provide you with more information.

To get started, you will need to provide:

  • List of domains where Opti Engage will be displayed
  • General company information (company address,  VAT number, Primary contact,...)
  • Billing information
  • Signed insertion order

If you want to test the integration in the meantime, you can proceed to step 2 using the test parameters provided to verify that the Optidigital adapter is working properly. This example includes a test publisherId and placementId that would return the test creative.

AdUnits configuration example:

    var adUnits = [{
code: 'your-slot_1-div', // use exactly the same code as your slot div id.
mediaTypes: {
banner: {
sizes: [[300,600]]
bids: [{
bidder: 'optidigital',
params: {
publisherId: 'test',
placementId: 'Billboard_Top',
divId: 'Billboard_Top_3c5425', // optional parameter
pageTemplate: 'home', // optional parameter
badv: ['example.com'], // optional parameter
bcat: ['IAB1-1', 'IAB1-2'], // optional parameter
bapp: ['com.blocked'], // optional parameter
battr: [1, 2] // optional parameter


To optimize UserSync functionality and ensure optimal match rates and monetization with the optidigital adapter, we strongly advise implementing the UserSync configuration through iFrame as provided below. Failure to do so may result in reduced match rates and monetization capabilities.

  userSync: {
    filterSettings: {
      iframe: {
        bidders: '*',      // '*' represents all bidders
        filter: 'include'

Note: be aware that when using this configuration, you can combine it with other UserSync configurations as needed. Keep in mind that if you make multiple setConfig() calls, the last one for a specific attribute will take precedence and overwrite any previous configurations.

Step 2. Add 'optidigital' to your programmatic stack

Once the insertion order is signed, and we have all the publisher's company information for payment, you need to add 'optidigital' prebid adapter into your programmatic ad stack. 

Opti Digital’s Prebid.js adapter documentation is available here : 'optidigital' adapter on Prebid.org

What's the minimum version of Prebid required?

Prebid version 7.38 is required. For best monetisation, Prebid version 8.14 is highly recommended as it support to support alternative IDs such as ID5, criteoID, and SharedID through our Opti Engage server-side auctions. 

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How to decide which ad slots to test-drive Opti Engage ?

To get the most out of Opti Engage, it's recommended to test it on ad slots that meet the following criteria:

  • High-quality, long-form content that keeps users on the page for an extended period of time.
  • Ad placements that have an exposition time of at least 20 seconds.
  • Above-the-fold ad slots that have high visibility and engagement.
  • Sticky mobile and desktop ad slots, which have been found to increase bid values by up to 30% compared to billboards.

Important notes:

- publisherId: is provided by Opti Digital upon completion of step 1.

- AdUnits configuration: 'adUnits code' should use exactly the same code as your slot div id.

- 'placementId': we do not require any specific naming convention for placements, you should use the same naming as on your sites. For example 'Billboard_Top',

Step 3. Update ads.txt 

We will provide you with lines to add to your ads.txt. Ads.txt (Authorized Digital Sellers) is a simple and effective way for website owners and publishers to publicly declare the companies that are authorized to sell their digital advertising inventory.

You need to update the file on all domains where Opti Engage will be displayed. Adding Opti Digital and our partners domains to the ads.txt file, ensures that Opti Engage's bids will be properly processed .

Typically, we provide from 10 to 15 lines for your sites' ads.txt

Make sure you start sending bid requests after the ads.txt has been updated on all sites where the bids are originated from. 

Step 4. Add "Opti Digital" in your Consent Management Platform (CMP)

Make sure Opti Digital is added as a vendor to your sites' CPM.

Opti Digital vendor ID is 915.

Step 5. Initiate bid requests to Opti Engage

Once you have completed all the previous steps, you can begin sending live bid requests to Opti Engage. However, to ensure optimal performance, it's important to keep the following points in mind:

- Only initiate ad requests from the agreed-upon geographies with Opti Digital.

- Same for domains and ad placements 

- Do not initiate bid requests until the ads.txt file has been updated on all domains where Opti Engage is integrated.

Step 6. Monitor results

Opti Engage now runs in competition with other bidders. You should expect Opti Engage win rate to take 2 to 3 days for the initial ramp-up, and up to 2 weeks for its full potential.

For business and technical assistance your can contact us.