How many lines should be added to my ads.txt?

Typically, we supply 20 to 25 lines of text to include in your site's ads.txt.

It is essential to update the ads.txt file on all domains where Opti Engage ads will be presented. We will supply you with the lines to incorporate into your website's ads.txt file for auctions to run at its maximum potential.

Normally, we provide a set of 20 to 25 lines of text that you can add to your website's ads.txt file.

Important: if you require a limited set of lines to be added to your ads.txt

Please inform us about your website's traffic geographical distribution . This will enable us to analyse the demand partners and provide an optimal set of lines that suits your requirements.

Please ensure that you commence sending bid requests only after updating the ads.txt file on all domains where the bids are generated from.


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