Can manually set floor prices be retained when Opti Yield is not used?

Without the use of dynamic floor prices, publishers can set up defensive floor prices in GAM, Prebid or on SSP platforms. These floor prices can be useful even with Opti Yield.

Many publishers determine and implement price floors to defend the value of their inventory. These can be set up in Prebid, Google Ad Manager or on SSP platforms.

Opti Yield calculates and submits thousands of price floors to challenge the market and increase the value of inventory. These floor prices are submitted to SSPs via Prebid, Google Ad Exchange or Amazon.

Manual floor prices can be useful as a complement to Opti Yield in the following cases:

  1. Opti Yield optimizes an inventory and always keeps a control part to calculate floor prices and determine the value created. Manually set floor prices can be useful to protect this control inventory.
  2. In the event of a voluntary or involuntary shutdown of Opti Yield, the manually set floor prices can be applied and still protect the inventory even if the dynamic prices are absent. 

Floor prices configured on SSP platforms may conflict with dynamic floor prices pushed by Opti Yield. In this case, SSPs have different rules to resolve the conflict. Here is an overview of the different strategies.

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