What is Dynamic Price Floor Optimization?

Dynamic Price Floor Optimization is a feature part of Opti Yield.

Dynamic Price Floor Optimization is part of Opti Yield. This feature provides a CPM rate for each ad slot that prevents advertisers from buying ad impressions below a certain amount set by the publisher or monetization partner.

Once activated, the module driven by AI increases/decreases price floors gradually according to context (ad units, ad slot, size, weekdays, events, auto-refresh, bid history, etc) and gives them enough time to analyze the impact of the change on RTB auctions.

This technology communicates the floor prices in a transversal way, to all the SSPs involved in the advertising auctions, it guarantees a fairer competition where the different partners have access to the floor price information upstream, on equal terms with Google.

In addition to the fact that Opti Yield does not modify the publisher's configuration, we offer a solution that saves time, without the need for human resources, and above all without risk

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