Is Opti Yield able to handle traffic with service restrictions and apply different rules?

Opti Yield automatically optimizes ad performance for publishers for opt-in traffic only. Some browsers, such as Safari, can restrict services and the use of personalized data by default. Opti Yield also optimizes this traffic.

The Safari browser has long been lauded for its security features, which protect the end user from potential threats. However, this also means that Safari restricts by default some services and data that could be used for advertising purposes. This can lead to less data being available for publishers, who may then need to find other ways to reach their target audiences.

By restricting services, Safari and some other browsers induce less value for the user in terms of advertising objective. This leads to lower ad request eCPMs. 

For all these reasons, Opti Yield takes service restriction as a custom dimension for segmentation to optimize performance in terms of yield.