Is it possible to A/B test 2 different configurations such as ad refresh, sizes, adslots?

Yes, it is possible to test 2 different configurations via our A/B test technology.

The principle of A/B tests applied to monetization is the same as for the A/B tests that are more common for optimizing conversion tunnels for instance.

We run 2 different parallel configurations over the same period with two distinct groups of internet users, the control group and the test group. We allow this configuration to run for a certain time period, then we analyze the results displayed on your Publishers Dashboard, including the page RPM. This indicator is the result of a better filling rate, a better advertising density (number of impressions per page) and a better eCPM per impression.

The testing possibilities are endless! We can test an advertising inventory with or without Ad Refresh, with or without automatic insertion into the heart of content, we can measure the incremental value of a demand partner, and much more!

Don’t hesitate to submit your ideas of test to implement on your media.

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