Why do I see 100% consent on my publisher dashboard and not the exact split per context (Accept All, Reject All and Continue Without Accepting)?

It can be due to an implementation issue.

If the inventory split by user consent on your publisher dashboard display only 100% consent, it may not reflect the reality.

Indeed, it can be due to the fact that Google Limited Ads and Opti Digital Ad Server hasn't been activated correctly.

When implemented well, Google Limited Ads and Opti Digital Ad Server or ODAS are called to display ads without cookies trackers, when users refuse to give consent to targeted ads or doesn't express choice by clicking on Reject All or Continue Without Accepting of the CMP.

It is important to connect correctly these 2 ad servers to not miss advertising opportunities.

Please, contact us through the link form below so that we can fix this issue together as soon as possible. 

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