How does your Lazy loading feature work?

Our lazy loading feature loads ads only when the visitor scrolls down close to its placement in a custom way, under certain condition.

Lazy loading is one of our many technologies included in our all-in-one solution to optimize your advertising performances.

The French digital encyclopedia, Définitions-Marketing, defines lazy loading as a technical process that ensures that an ad is only loaded in the browser after the main elements of the page. Lazy loading is used in particular to load ad creatives that are below the fold. In this case, the advertising element is only loaded when the visitor scrolls down the page.

According to our experience, we recommend to adjust the display of your ads according to your content and your users’ navigation:

If loading is slow, adjust the lazy loading setting to be faster on photo slideshows and slower on longer consuming editorial content.

In our experience, we recommend applying lazy loading to all your ad inventory to improve your SEO and profitability. With the right settings, the increase in eCPM and fill rate will compensate for the loss of views.

Our AdOps team is able to easily activate lazy loading though the Opti Digital Tag Manager, our proprietary technology, a tool that manages the advertising set up of the sites and simplify their remote modification.

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