Does Opti Engage have unique demand?

Yes. Not only Opti Engage connects your inventory to top-tier demand sources, it uniquely transforms demand on-the-fly  to match the destination ad placement, and gives you access to direct deals. Which makes our demand exclusive.

Opti Engage unique approach of demand consolidation and transformation allows us to offer higher net bid values for every impression. The expected result is for our bidder to rank within top 3 in value. Additionally, by aggregating multiple demand sources, Opti Engage increases the fill rate for your inventory, which helps monetize your inventory more efficiently.  

This is how Opti Engage demand is sourced:  unlike direct connections you might have done in the past with demand partners, Opti Engage will aggregate and transform demand in real-time to match your destination ad placement : 

- from multiple sizes. Ex:  250x250 demand in 300x250 ad placement

- from multiple media types. Ex: native demand in a display/banner placement

- from multiple sources. Ex: top-tier SSPs next to exclusive deals

Opti Engage bundles several advertiser creatives for every single impression, translating into a competitive advantage that guarantees best ECPMs for your inventory.