Can I test and add a new bidder to my ads inventory?

Yes, we can run A/B Test to measure its incremental added value before implementing it on 100% of your inventory.

We know that it is not always easy to know which SSP will have real added value for your monetization.

In order to identify the best performing ones before rolling them out to all your inventories, we run A/B test.

Once the test is approved, and we implemented them on 100% of the inventory, we take the time to regularly check in with them to understand their full advertising potential and correct any problems.

We also identify the best sizes to configure in the Bid Requests to benefit from all the advertiser demand. And, we get a preview of the original SSPs request in Beta.

If you have any suggestion of SSPs you would like to test, feel free to share them to us. Submit the form below. 

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